Protective equipment plays a very important role in any sportin the form of a SportX in the online store you will be able to find various types of protective equipment at favorable prices for active recreation and professional use sporta.m. When riding with roller skates, there is a skateboard, a wheel, a penny board, etc  care must be taken to protect the body and head. The possibility of falling in these active recreation and sportwowdos is quite large, and also the chance of serious body and head injuries is not less. Therefore, the question of 'buy protective gear or not' is certainly rhetorical. The purpose of the helmet is to protect the temples, nape and forehead from direct and side impacts. The helmet absorbs all the force of the impact and the rider's head remainsarta. A head protector is a mandatory attribute when choosing these recreational and sporta ways. Especially important to be worn by children, beginners and those who practice tricks, jumps, complex pirouettes and just love speed. It is equally important to choose hand and knee protectors. Wrist injuries are common injuries when riding scooters, rollerblades and skateboards. When falling, a person reflexively puts his hands forward to protect his face, and they take all his weight, so hand (elbow, wrist) protectors are no less important. On our feetredroad guards. They fit snugly against the knee and leg, wrap it well and stretch exactly to size. SportX In the online store you will find all the necessary protective equipment for both small and large lovers of active recreation.

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